Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bringing Peace into the Home

He Loves Me, He loves Me Not

This morning my son went off to school with a sad demeanor.  My heart aches when that happens and I probably told him a dozen times that I loved him.  I hope while he is in school that he will remember that.  To love someone or to be loved makes a big difference in life.  With Valentines coming I was wondering about how to show LOVE to all of those that I love.  I decided to do a "Love Jar".  I am going to fill up this big jar with cut out hearts and then do the 14 days of Valentines.  Each day I will hand some out with love notes to my family and friends.  I do believe that I will let all of my family use them too.  I am hoping that our home will be filled with love notes and that everyone will remember the love that we have for each other.  On the day of Valentines I will give each one of them a picture of us together to remind them forever that they are my Valentine.  My hope is that in some small measure love will increase in the world around us.  I know that it is hard to change the world but one love note at a time could make a small dent.


Gina Bagley
Director of Sales

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