Monday, February 7, 2011

I Love . . . Being a Mom

Being that this is the month of Love I thought that I would start with sharing some of the things that I love.  Probably first on my list is my family.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel a great amount of love for them.  Being a mother is one of the hardest things that I have ever done but it is also the most gratifying.  I am in no way close to being done either.  This will be a lifetime project.  I love good movies.  One of my favorite things to do is climb into my warm bed and begin watching a movie.  I rarely get to finish one.  As a matter of fact my children cheer for me if I make it through a whole movie without falling asleep.  But I still love them.  Usually I have my youngest son and my hubby who snuggle right up next to me and I get three things that I love.

I also love food especially if I don't have to cook it.  I often wish that I could eat as much of it as I want without keeping it on my hips.  My worst downfall is brownies.  I have been known to eat a whole pan of them without help.  Another love is art.  There is much to be said about the feelings that are inspired by a picture of Christ or by the emotions of tenderness in a picture of a little girl copying her mother.  How about the love seen in the eyes of a father caring for a child.  I have this art on my walls and I love it.

May I suggest in this month of love that we each take a moment and really think about the things we love.  In the process of writing this I have determined that there is a great need to do this myself.  When we can remember the things that we love maybe we will spend more time with them.  The other night I had my whole family together and I loved watching them play and interact with one another.  Some are married and I even have grandkids in the mix.  I loved this night and the many others when I can see the love that I have for my family being shared between them.  And last I love little tender "love notes".   What I really want for Valentines Day is a pan of brownies, a good movie, a yummy dinner (which I don't have to make) and a beautiful tender picture with a "love note".  There is much to be said and felt in a tender note of love.  Don't forget to do the love note jar that I talked about last month.  Have a wonderful love month.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Steeven Lemon
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Bringing Peace into the Home

He Loves Me, He loves Me Not

This morning my son went off to school with a sad demeanor.  My heart aches when that happens and I probably told him a dozen times that I loved him.  I hope while he is in school that he will remember that.  To love someone or to be loved makes a big difference in life.  With Valentines coming I was wondering about how to show LOVE to all of those that I love.  I decided to do a "Love Jar".  I am going to fill up this big jar with cut out hearts and then do the 14 days of Valentines.  Each day I will hand some out with love notes to my family and friends.  I do believe that I will let all of my family use them too.  I am hoping that our home will be filled with love notes and that everyone will remember the love that we have for each other.  On the day of Valentines I will give each one of them a picture of us together to remind them forever that they are my Valentine.  My hope is that in some small measure love will increase in the world around us.  I know that it is hard to change the world but one love note at a time could make a small dent.


Gina Bagley
Director of Sales

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Liz Lemon Swindles Biblical and Modern Day Parables with HIDDEN SYMBOLS: "I Would Gather Thee" and "A Mother's Vigil"

First in the Parable series with hidden symbols and over half has been sold out.  

Pre-order ends Jan. 31st  In order to get our limited edition/framed print at $195  After Jan 31st cost is $295

  • Eggs and Chicks gathered and not gathered
  • Red on Hen and on Book Mark representing the atonement  
  • Mother's Arms positioned in concern for her children as is the Hen's wings 
  • Green to represent life

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! - Matthew 23:37

A Mother´s Vigil: I Would Gather Thee (Modern)
On the night before Jesus was crucified, He went to the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem with His disciples. As He sat looking down on the city and people He loved, He lamented, "... how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!" - Matthew 23:37.

Like God, each of us is anxious to gather our own families around us. We long to provide needed comfort amidst the ever growing storms that surround them. In this picture of a worried mother waiting up for a child that isn´t home yet, I painted twelve eggs, symbolic of the number of Jesus´ apostles - those who assisted Jesus in His work - and the thought that God wants to gather all of His children, but that He often does this through the love and efforts of our families here on earth.
  Liz Lemon Swindle

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dinner Table

When I was growing up my dad would come home from work and we would all gather for dinner. We talked of things that happened that day. I did not know then how therapeutic that was. It was just something that we did every night. Now I look back and it was there at the dinner table where questions were answered and strength was given.

Today I come home from work and we all gather for dinner. I love to hear what happened to my children during the day. I love to listen to them complain and laugh about funny things. It is there that I often sense a child has had a rough day. I am hoping that they too receive answers to their questions and strength to their souls. It has become a tradition in my home as it was when I was young.

I discovered recently that many families don’t eat at a table but in front of the television. How sad to lose those moments of answering and strengthening. If there was one thing that I would use it would be the time when the family gathers for dinner. The time to teach and discuss and strengthen is between bites of roast beef and potatoes. Just a thought, but maybe telling a story of Jesus with a picture that shows it all would give the strength to our children that  they need today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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